Telephonic Interview tips

  • Always keep the phone fully charged before the telephonic interview
  • Make sure you are in a quite area / room where the network coverage is full
  • Never give interview on the speakerphone, it creates bad impression on the interviewer since the sound tends to echo when you speak via speaker on and the clarity is also not great
  • Keep your phone next to you before the interview starts as you do not miss the call
  • Always give telephonic interview with a smile, even though the other person cannot see you, talking with a smile gives totally a different and pleasant tone when you speak
  • Speak slowly and confidently
  • Always let the interviewer finish the question before you start answering, I know it is tempting to answer when you know it very well but keep those temptation away for a while and let the interviewer finish completely before you start answering
  • Always greet the interviewer first and thank him or her for taking the time out for the interview

    Additional tips
  • It is a good idea to give the interview standing as the person is more attentive while standing up
  • Never fidget with papers, keyboard  while on a telephonic interview
  • Use landline if possible
  • Always  answer the phone with your name
  • Never talk about money / salary
  • Be prepared

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